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Niche Paints – Best Paint from 20 Years Expertise

When you’ve been in the paint industry for over 20 years, you learn a thing or two about making top-quality paints. For two entrepreneurs with decades of combined experience, all that insider knowledge has culminated in the launch of Niche Paints – a new Belgian paint brand focused on providing premium paints directly to consumers.

The idea for a fresh paint line:

The idea for Niche Paints was born when the two founders Bart Seminck and Guy de Vos grew tired of telling their expertise to major brands on how the paint should be better, only to see the paint quality reduced to cut costs as example was a no go for them. Originally it started with their own off market paint they used to paint clients their properties and deliver a quality to their clients for years to come. UV protection, scratch resistant, +10 years quality are just the basics of their own requests in the recipes. They realized that leveraging their expertise could fill a niche for customers wanting pro-level paint without the markup.

As it was a niche product, the name was a logical choice for a top of the line paint series called nichepaints.

After years working for leading paint companies in Belgium, the makers of Niche Paints knew the costly trade secrets that set professional-grade paints apart: quality pigments, optimal resin blends, consistency enhancers. They took this insider expertise and poured it into a fresh paint brand created for excellence work.

The perfect paint not found in normal stores:

The result is paint with professional quality at consumer-level prices. Niche Paints feature richer pigments for deeper, more vibrant colors and maximum coverage. Carefully crafted resin combinations provide superior durability and adhesion. And the paints incorporate additives that enhance application, drying, and protection.

While the big brands pump out mass-produced paints using cost-cutting shortcuts, Niche Paints keeps quality first. By leaving out expensive fillers and middleman markups, they deliver premium paints directly to customers at a fraction of the cost.

Niche Paints may be new, but the brand’s origins trace back over 20 years crafting top-tier professional paints. That’s two decades of accumulated knowledge finally bottled up into off-the-shelf paints available to everyone.

So next time your home needs a fresh coat, choose the new paint born from decades of insider expertise. With uncompromising standards and passion for the craft, Niche Paints offers paints as good as the pros use – without the premium price tag.





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