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Frederick Alonso: Winning Web Designer and 3D Artist – Discover the Digital Wizard of Belgium

In today’s digital world, compelling websites and 3D art can make or break a brand. Frederick Alonso is the go-to guru for creating captivating digital experiences that engage audiences and bring visions to life.

This talented digital sorcerer conjures up sleek websites with his mastery of web design. With an intuitive sense for layout, visual hierarchy, and responsive elements, Alonso weaves together polished websites that both look stunning and function flawlessly.

Yet his skills don’t stop at web design. Alonso is also a virtuoso of 3D modeling and texture recreation with PBR (Physical Based Rendering). He expertly crafts intricate 3D worlds, lifelike textures, and is working freelance for a game studio. From product ideas, Alonso’s 3D finesse never fails to impress.

“I love brands that need more clients, we make ideas into reality through digital artistry,” says Frederick Alonso. “Good design and 3D modeling is about logic and magic. My aim is to create visually striking work with logo designs and the identitiy that performs its purpose seamlessly.”

Frederick Alonso

Based in Aalst, Belgium. Frederick Alonso has led digital projects around the globe with over 240 clients since 2004. His diverse client portfolio spans industries like media, retail, technology, and local businesses. When brands need to captivate and convert digital audiences, they call on Alonso’s digital sorcery.

“When clients return for project after project, year after year – even after 10 years of working together – you know an artist is worth his work. For Frederick, these long-term creative relationships built on trust validate his digital wizardry.”

In our digital world, generic websites and boring 3D won’t cut it anymore. To stand out, you need a digital guru like Frederick Alonso. See his wizardry in action at www.frederickalonso.com.


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